Our week in one picture – 13/01/19

Our week in one picture – 13/01/19

This picture pretty much sums up how we have all been feeling this week.

With us all returning to work and school this week after 2 weeks off, we are pretty knackered! By the time the evening has rolled around we have been in our pj’s or lazy house clothes and piled onto the sofa to watch tv or headed to bed for an early night. I took this picture of Kayleigh as she was ready to chill out and watch the Voice last night, it just summed up our whole week.

I am very grateful to have a role that now works around the kid’s school holidays, as it means I am home with the kids when they are. However going back after 2 weeks off has been hard work for us all. During the Christmas break, all routines went out of the window. We had late nights, lie-ins,  breakfast that turned into brunch and PJ days. It was perfect in fact, just hard to get back into a normal routine again.

Hopefully now the first week is out of the way we will get into a bit more of a routine again, if not it’s only 5 weeks left till the next holiday!

Our week in one picture - 13/01/19

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