Girls fashion, has it changed over the years?

I’ve never really been a trendsetter or a fashion follower. It just seems too much hassle for me, plus being 5ft 9, getting clothes that fit has always been a struggle.

Even now it is hard to get clothes, with some shops offering tall range but only on their black, white or pink items…

As a tall person, I just wish shops would have a little more thought in their ranges that they offer after all not everyone wants to blend in all the time!

It has got to the point though where I have started to hate clothes shopping, I find myself sticking to the same items as I know I can get away with wearing those. For example, tops tend to come from Dorothy Perkins for me as they do a good range of tall which means they are long enough in the body for me.

Kayleigh looks like she may have a similar problem as she grows up, but has it changed over the years?

Luckily for her, it has changed with lots of shops now offering adjustable waists on lots of their trousers and hopefully as time goes on their will be a bit more range of styles for her to pick from.

The one thing I do love though is Kayleigh’s fashion sense.

She really does not follow fashion but sets her own trend as she goes along! She doesn’t really care what others think if she loves what she is wearing, and she is comfortable then she is happy.

Kayleigh is not afraid of bold prints or designs either. She loves this hoodie from Teenzshop as the bold design on the front appeals to her.

Girls fashion, has it changed over the years?

If there is a sparkly, glittery pair of shoes on offer so I can guarantee you she will be buying them! In fact, these were her trainers last year…

Girls fashion, has it changed over the years?

I love the fact that she is not afraid to have her own fashion trend though, why be boring and follow the norm? Be yourself!

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