Our week in one picture – 20/10/19

Our week in one picture – 20/10/19

Good morning and welcome back to another edition of our post series, our week in one picture. I use this series just to record something important that has happened to us in a week. It might not be the best picture, or the most exciting story. However, ┬áit is all about making sure we don’t forget that moment in time.

This weeks picture is one of our new window.

If you are following along with our build or you are following us on social media, you would have seen that this week we had a window put in the hallway to bring it a bit more light. It has been something we have been debating for a few weeks as our budget has pretty much run out and this would take up the last of it. However, we both knew that if should we decide not to do it then decorate, there would be no turning back to get it done at a later date, as it just wouldn’t have been done.

So we took the plunge and got it done, I am so pleased that we did. The amount of light that bounces down the hallway is just amazing, so when the hallway is completed it is going to look even better! I can’t wait to see this room come together now!

Our week in one picture 20th October 2010

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