Putting the finishing touches in our rooms

Putting the finishing touches in our rooms

Building work has been ongoing for about  12 weeks now and in that time we have come far.

We’ve taken down walls, rebuilt walls as well as decorating both Kayleigh and Ethan’s rooms in that time. With our hallway soon to be completed, it does finally feel like we are moving onto the final stages of the building work.

It hasn’t been easy, there has been some tears and frustrations along the way. Some decisions have been made last minute and others have cost us more than we have anticipated. However, with the end in sight, we can start thinking about the things left to do and then the fun finishing touches.

With a few big items left to order such as the carpets and radiator covers, we have to make a few decisions before we can start planning. We do all need to get new beds too in the coming weeks, Snug Interiors do a great selection so we are going to have a look online this weekend.

Once we have those in place, or at least on order, we can start looking at other items. We have curtains on order for Kayleigh’s room, though the delivery of those has been a bit of a nightmare from Next, including them losing the first parcel. With those in her room, it should start to come together a little more.

Then once the beds are in place and their storage we can actually start to get things back to normal. The kids have different ideas on how they want their rooms to end up. For example, Ethan just wants a desk so he can play his computer with his friends happily. Kayleigh, on the other hand, has plans for a pinboard to save important pieces of information, she also would like some fun stationery storage on a desk! Red Candy is one of her favourite stores as it has lots of quirky ideas that she loves.

I love the fact that they are both able to now show their personalities a little more in their own rooms. I did have concerns at how much time they would spend together whilst they had separate rooms but I needn’t have worried. They are always in each other’s rooms watching YouTube or sat on the sofa together having a chat about something that Dan TDM has done! Even though they have their own space, they are still best buddies!”

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