Our week in one picture – 24/02/19

Our week in one picture – 24/02/19

We’ve come to the end of the school holidays and the time off has been very much appreciated!

I was unsure which picture to pick which could sum up our week.

We’ve not had any big plans for this week however we’ve relaxed, given the house a spring clean, caught up with friends and I’ve taken a little time out for myself.

I keep promising myself I’ll take a bit of time out just to make sure I’m resting up and for the first time in a long time, I headed to the hairdressers this week. Knowing I would be a while I took a book which I’ve been meaning to read but not had a chance, it was the perfect time to just zone out for a while. This picture just sumed up this week, a week of relaxing and recharging.

Then today I even went and had my nails done! I do feel a bit guilty taking time out when there is still so much to do on my blog and at home, however, it has been nice to make sure I’m feeling recharged too.

We are heading back to work/school tomorrow however I’m just going to count down the 6 weeks till the Easter break and two weeks off!

Our week in one picture - 24th February 2019


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