Our weekly meal plan – 25/02/19

Our weekly meal plan – 25/02/19

Happy Monday and welcome back to our latest meal plan.

We are back to work/school today after the half term, so I know this week is probably going to take some getting used to a routine again as we have been pretty lazy!

Last week we worked on Ethan’s fussy eating and to be fair, he did try last week to make more of an effort than he has done in the past. We are still a long way from being perfect, but even taking these little steps feels like a big improvement all around.

Due to poor planning this week (I mean I was too lazy to be organised!), we are going to stick with easy dishes throughout the week, just to make life a little easier as we get going again.

Our meal plan –  25/02/19:

Monday –

Taco’s – We didn’t get round to having these last week so we are going to have them this week instead.

Tuesday –

Sausage, egg and beans – Easy but delicious!

Wednesday –

Pasta – Not sure what with yet but something tasty.

Thursday –

Spicy chicken, homemade flatbread and salad – This is really easy to make but also really yummy.

Friday –

Chilli con Carne – I have a portion in the freezer so just need to heat through and add rice.

Saturday –

Takeaway – Our usual weekly takeaway and relax.

Sunday –

Roast or stew – As per usual

There is nothing really new or any dishes that take longer that 20 minutes to make, so in my eyes it’s not a bad week at all. Over the next week I am going to do an inventory of the items in our freezer to make sure I know what we have and I can plan the best meals from what we have.

If you however are after a little more inspiration, why not check out our previous meal plans here. If you are looking for even more inspiration though, head to our Pinterest. It is jam packed full of amazing meals and ideas for the whole family.

Our weekly meal plan - 25th February 2019


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