Our week in one picture – 25/08/19

Our week in one picture – 25/08/19

Just like that, the summer holidays are coming to an end. I took this picture after we had finished our back to school shop last week. I found on Groupon an offer for 2 ice creams and 2 hot drinks at a local Creams for just £12, as it was my first purchase though, I also got an additional 10% off.  It was the perfect treat at a fraction of the normal price!

We haven’t really done a lot of anything recently due to the house work being done, it has been sucking us dry of both money and time. I know it will all be worth it in the end but I do feel a bit bad that the kids have not really got up to much during the holidays. I think sometimes with social media too, it feels like the pressure is ramped up a little, you see so many people on amazing adventures or holidays. Then you sit and look at what you’ve been up to and the guilt piles on. The reality is though, everyone’s lives are different, we can’t live like the people in our phones.

To be honest though, they don’t really care! They are far too excited that they can see their new rooms coming together, planning what it is going to look like. With Ethan’s room nearing completion, it then starts over again with Kayleigh’s room. I’m hoping I can get cracking with that this week and then all they will need is the new carpets and beds to complete those rooms.

Our week in one picture - 25th August 2019

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