Our weekly meal plan – 26/08/19

Our weekly meal plan – 26/08/19

Good afternoon and welcome back to another meal plan. It is our last one before we head back to school and we are planning an easy week of meals, mostly ones we already have in the freezer as it is full of meals I have already prepared.

I often find we have leftovers when we are having dinner and I have no problem in us using them for lunch or dinner at a later stage. Why waste food that I have spent money and time in preparing.

Last weeks meal plan didn’t go too bad, we tried all 3 of the new recipes I had planned. However, not one successful with the whole family…

The kids didn’t try the curry, they were not keen on the pie and Ethan hated the hunters chicken, even though I served the sauce on the side. He didn’t like the taste of the chicken, even though he eats roast chicken and bacon. He will grow out of fussy eating, he has to for my sanity!

Here is what we have on our menu this week:

Our meal plan –  26/08/19

Monday –

Pizza – It is too hot to cook today so going to just stick a pizza in the oven from the freeze tonight with some curry sauce.

Tuesday –

Chilli con Carne – Already made this so just need to reheat and cook some rice.

Wednesday –

Spaghetti bolognaise – Again already made a portion of this so just need to make some spaghetti.

Thursday –

Chicken fajitas – I have lots of peppers in the fridge so this is a great way to make sure things are used up.

Friday –

Fish Friday – We will have fish fingers or fishcakes and chips

Saturday –

Takeaway – It is the last weekend before the back to school rush and the new term, so we will order in a takeaway and chill with a film.

Sunday –

Roast – I have a yellow sticker chicken in the freezer, so just need fresh vegetables for this.

It’s not a very exciting menu this week but it is all about ease and making it as stress-free as possible in the coming week whilst we get ready for the back to school start.  If you are looking for more inspiration, don’t forget you can check out all our previous meal plans here or head over to our Pinterest for more inspiration.

Our weekly meal plan - 26th August 2019 #MealPlan #MealPlanning


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