Our week in one picture – 27/01/19

Our week in one picture – 27/01/19

This week has been a busy week and I was a little unsure which picture to use.

We’ve had amazing sunrises, which Kayleigh has got her camera out for. I love capturing the sky and sunrises, so it is no real surprise that she wanted to do it really. We brought her a camera for Christmas, it is still the learning stage with it however she has loved using it so far.

My streaming equipment is coming along nicely too, just waiting for my webcam and mic to turn up now and then I have pretty much all the bits I need. I’ve taken a couple of pictures of this over the week as things have been arriving and I have set it all up.

However, this weeks picture is one of exercise.

After quite a lazy year last year Daddy Vs Work and I are trying to get fit. We are never going to be some fitness guru’s or likely to ever be super toned (we love our food too much!) however we are just trying to get healthy again and be comfortable in our own skin/

We are aiming to do exercise 3 times a week as well as walking more steps throughout the week, whilst eating a little healthier than we used to! It is early days however starting is better than not starting at all and we are going to aim to make it more of a habit than a chore over the next few weeks.

Our week in one picture - 27/01/19

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