Our week in one picture – 30/12/18

Our week in one picture – 30/12/18

Just like that, Christmas has pretty much finished for another year.

For me it is the best time of the year as the build up to the big day is just as good as the day itself. It is all about time as a family, good food and just taking time out to relax without too many plans to join it.

I took a few pictures of the big day itself but today I just wanted to share this picture.

It’s not the best picture, it’s not taken in the best location and it is blurry but do you know what? I don’t care.

For me it sums up our Christmas perfectly.

Our Christmas has been filled with laughter, fun and family. We have done not a lot really but do you know what, that is ok with me. After what has been a pretty hectic few months in the run up to Christmas the last week of downtime has been very welcome and we have loved not having to follow any routine.

We still have a week off to go but we are going to use that time to get ready for the new year. We have plans and goals for 2019, there are things we need to get organised but also we need to get into a routine again. The kids have finally learn’t that it is ok to sleep past 8 however now I am going to have to get them back up at 7 ready for school again!

All in all though, it has been the perfect week for us and I hope your Christmas has been amazing too.

Our week in on picture - 30th December 2018

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