Our weekly meal plan – 24/12/18

Good morning and welcome back to our festive meal plan!

It’s hard to believe it is Christmas tomorrow already, where has this year gone?!

This week’s meal plan is going to be a bit of a loose one, after all, it is Christmas and we are just going to go with the flow this week and see what we fancy.

Whatever your plans are for this week we hope you have an amazing time!

Monday –

Leftovers – The night before Christmas so we won’t be having anything fancy, it may even be a takeaway!

Tuesday –

Christmas dinner – It is Christmas so it will be Christmas dinner with all the trimmings for us.

Wednesday –

Turkey, new potatoes and salad – Boxing day tradition of leftover turkey, pickles, potatoes and salad.

Thursday –

Turkey pie/curry – Using up the last of the leftovers today.

Friday –

Spaghetti and meatballs – Stepping away from the turkey today!

Saturday –

Steak and chips – Delicious but simple to make.

Sunday –

Sausage dish – Not sure what we will have but there is a couple of new sausage dishes I would like to try out.

Like I said earlier, nothing is set in stone (apart from the Christmas dinner) and we will see what we fancy as the days go by. I expect there to be lots of leftovers used up and lazy family dinners ahead.

We hope you all have an amazing Christmas time with your family and friends.

Our weekly meal plan - 24th December 2018


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