Our weekly meal plan – 01/10/18

Our weekly meal plan – 01/10/18

Welcome to our first meal plan of October and a month that is set to be very busy for us as usual!

Last weeks meal plan didn’t really go to plan as I came down with a cold and got a bit lazy with our meals. This week we are going to try and stick to it a bit more as not only does it save money but it saves stress too. We also had our Musclefood delivery which has made life a bit easier as we have a variety of meat now stocked in the freezer ready to go.

So with that in mind, I’ve picked meals that don’t take too long to cook but everyone will enjoy too.

Monday –

Chicken supreme – This is super quick after swimming.

Tuesday –

Tuna pasta bake – The kids favourite, so it always appears on the menu.

Wednesday –

Tacos – Ethan is a fussy eater and doesn’t usually enjoy spices but he loves tacos.

Thursday –

Spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread – With winter rolling in we will be having more meals like this.

Friday –

Eating out – We are busy today so it will be a quick bite to eat tonight.

Saturday –

Homemade pizza & dough balls – Super easy but delicious. I promised the kids we would make them again after they were a huge success.

Sunday –

Roast or stew – It’s the season for roast dinners which is fine with me!

I’m hoping as we settle more into a routine we will be trying a few new dishes, however, for now, I’m happy to stick with family favourites.

If you are looking for meal plan inspirations why not check out our other meal plans here or feel free to share your meals for the week in the comment box below.

Our weekly meal plan 01/10/18

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