Making the most of our garden space

One of the last areas in our home that needs to be tackled is our garden. Our house is situated in the middle of two hills, so we have quite a few steps up to our house with a steep slope on the front garden and again the same on the back of the house.

As it currently stands the only real usable space in our garden is the part that wraps around the side of the house which we had astroturf laid on when the kids were smaller. Other than that we have a pretty big renovation job on our hands.

This summer we did relay the turf on our front garden, surprisingly it was in the heatwave but somehow survived. This is most likely down to Daddy Vs Work looking after it as I am not very green fingered at all, there is no way I would become a gardener full time!

Once we are ready to begin the back garden, however, we are going to need to invest in professional garden service as it is just too big a job for us to do on our own. The reality is we need to have trees’ professionally trimmed down as they are huge alongside having retaining walls and tiers being built into the garden.

In the long run, though I would really like it if we could get a space for the kids, a space to relax and maybe even a space to grow our own vegetables in the years to come. Just somewhere where we can all get out and enjoy in the summer months and maybe even a place we can enjoy the fireworks too as we have a great view across the town from the top of our garden.

For now, though we are going to have to work through it bit by bit and create our dream garden as we go.

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