Our weekly meal plan – 03/06/19

Our weekly meal plan – 03/06/19

Good morning and welcome back to our weekly meal plan.

Just like that another half term has gone and we are all back to school and work, this term is going to feel really long compared to the last one however once it is done we then get 6 weeks off! Last weeks meal plan was a bit off however I took the kids shopping with me on Friday and I think they got a quick dose of reality from the shopping.

Usually, I just go on my own and they have no idea but this time we did the scan and shop together. They were excited when we got about 1/4 of the way around the shop and had spent £30 until I reminded them I didn’t want to spend more than £60 and we hadn’t even reached the fruit and veg aisles. This weeks shop was over but it was a bit of an exception as Kayleigh has her bake sale this week so we were topping up for that, however they did realise just how expensive the shopping can be and have been a bit more helpful with less waste and trying to eat more of what they are given!

This week we are going to have family favourites and easy meals as we ease back into the working week.

Our meal plan –  03/06/19:

Monday –

Lazy food – I have a work meeting at 4.30 tonight so as I am unsure what time we will get home it will be something quick from a meal already prepared in the freezer or pasta.

Tuesday –

Hot dogs – This is the request of the kids, I don’t mind as it is quick!

Wednesday –

Curry – I haven’t decided between a chicken Rogan or keema curry but will decide on Tuesday ready for the Wednesday.

Thursday –

One-pot chorizo and pepper spaghetti – This recipe from Eat Well For Less is delicious and so simple to make too!

Friday –

Chilli con Carne- Delicious and a great dish to bulk out with vegetables and beans.

Saturday –

Dinner out – We are at friends this week so no cooking for me!

Sunday –

Peri peri chicken burgers – Going to try something a little different this week and see how these go.

This week’s meal plans are making me hungry already! If you are looking for some inspiration on meal plans why not check out our previous meal plans here or head to our Pinterest for more ideas.

Our weekly meal plan - 03/06/19


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