Our week in one picture – 02/06/19

Our week in one picture – 02/06/19

This week I didn’t really take many pictures, in fact, the picture chosen today was one quickly taken on my phone to send to Daddy Vs Work as Ethan had taken over his PC whilst he was at work!

The last week for us was a pretty lazy week, we didn’t do any trips out or anything other than running a few errands and some days we did nothing at all. We baked, we chilled, we laughed and we played games, we just didn’t spend much money doing it! With lots of building work just under 2 months away our focus is purely on making sure we save as much money as we can in the coming weeks to make sure we can get the work done that we need to get done.

I think sometimes social media can increase the parenting guilt so much, it’s easier to get drawn into what other’s are doing that you are not. All the amazing holidays and days out whilst you are stuck at home or the amazing bakes and crafts that you see when you are lucky to just get something out of the oven that is edible. Let me just say this one thing, your child has the best parents in the world, you are doing the best job you can as a parent and they love you for being you!

Now back to this picture, one thing we have done this week is play Overwatch. I have spoken in the past about being a gamer and it is no surprise the kids like to play games. This week Ethan brought himself Overwatch to play on Daddy Vs Work’s computer so he can play alongside me. The only problem is he is likely to be better than me!

Our week in one picture - 02/06/19



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