Our weekly meal plan – 04/12/17

Happy Monday everyone & welcome to our latest meal plan!

This year is flying by and with not many weeks left until Christmas we are going to be enjoying some frestive treats over the next few weeks. We have also just taken delivery of our latest MuscleFood order so at least our freezer is full for dinner in the coming weeks. I will be sitting down this week to plan for the whole of December and into January with it.

So what do we have cooking this week?

Monday –

Chicken rogan – The kids have swimming for the last time this year so we will have a chicken rogan when I get back from that. I used our beef recipe here but just adjust it to add the chicken!

Tuesday –

Pancakes – Simple and quick which I love!

Wednesday –

Sausage stew – This recipe is another easy one to do but one that the whole family can enjoy.

Thursday –

Tandoori salmon – We are trying to have a bit more fish in our diet as we all know the health benefits from it. This is our favourite recipe and one that only takes about 15 minutes to make.

Friday –

Friday night fakeaway – Not sure what we will have tonight, I will see what there is on offer when I head shopping.

Saturday –

Dinner out – It is our family games night with some good friends at their house so dinner out for us.

Sunday –

Roast pork – We picked up some pork roasting joints on our last trip to Costco so it is roast pork, crackling and all the trimmings for us!

Nothing really new for us however home comfort meals that we enjoy. What is cooking in your houes this week?


Our weekly meal plan 0412

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