Our weekly meal plan – 06/09/21

We are back with our first weekly meal plan of September, before we knew it the summer holidays were gone and we are now on my favourite time of the year, the countdown to Christmas! I hope your return to school has gone well or if it is your first day back, I hope the school run is smooth.

Before we headed back to work we invested in a George Foreman Grill and new slow cooker to make the dinners during the week easier and I have to say I love them both. The grill has made things so much easier to cook when we get home from work and the slow cooker is going to get a good run out over the next few weeks. I find the weeknight dinners are so much harder when work has been really busy, by the time I get home, I just can not be bothered to cook. I’m hoping that these will help make things a little easier for us.

The grill is big enough to feed us all in one go, so no faffing around with it, we can just throw it in and let it cook whilst we get the other bits sorted for dinner. It has been well-loved for lunches too with Kayleigh using it for those wrap pockets that were all the craze earlier in the year.

Our weekly meal plan - 060921

Anyway, enough about my new kitchen gadget let’s get back to this weeks meal plan.

Our weekly meal plan – 06/09/21

Monday –

Chilli and lime chicken with rice and salad – Yum is all I can say, here is to a delicious dinner ready with minimum effort. I will marinate the chicken before we leave for work.

Tuesday –

 Paprika Beef – This is a stew style dish but it looks amazing, I am not sure what we will have with it yet but I will decide nearer the time.

Wednesday –

Grilled salmon with lemon basil butter with new potatoes and veg – I have not tried to cook fish in the grill yet so looking forward to seeing how this comes out.

Thursday –

Peri-peri chicken wraps – Again we will be using the grill to make our own Nando’s fakeaway!

Friday –

Tuna pasta bake – Easy dinner for a Friday night, minimal effort but one they will all eat.

Saturday –

Pizza – It is time for a quick oven dinner and movie tonight whilst we relax into the weekend.

Sunday –

Stew – I am going to prepare a stew in the slow cooker, currently unsure as to whether this will be chicken or beef. I will have a think nearer the time as to what we fancy.

Our weekly meal plan - 060921

I am actually looking forward to our meals this week, I know that both the grill and slow cooker has opened up a whole host of meals for us to enjoy as a family. If you have a recipe for either that the whole family loves I would love to hear it. I am trying to get away from the basics of stews and curries in the slow cooker, so any suggestions will be much appreciated. Over the next few weeks, we will be giving them all a try, some are likely to be more popular than others but I can’t wait to see how much time and effort I can save.

If you are after some more inspiration you can check our previous weekly meal plan here. Alternatively, why not check out our Pinterest boards here for more inspiration. If you have a family favourite, even the fussiest of eaters will eat, please share it in the comments below for a little inspiration for those reading this!

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