Our weekly meal plan – 13/01/20

Our weekly meal plan – 13/01/20

Welcome back to our latest meal plan, we are finding it is working well for us with our meal plans this year, so long may it continue!

This week is our first week with Daddy Vs Work on late shift this year, with this dinner becomes a little later in the evening and then changes the dynamics of our evening routines for a week. However, we get used to it once we get going.

We are having a week of clearing out the freezer and getting ready for a Costco trip in February. I want to stock the freezer with fish and meat and I have found Costco the best value for money when it comes to fish. However, for now, we are going to use up those last bits floating around in the freezer!

This is what we are cooking this week:

Our meal plan – 13/01/20

Monday –

Chicken burgers and chips – Simple but quick after work.

Tuesday –

Fry up – I have odd bits in the freezer such as sausages and bacon so cooking a fry up tonight.

Wednesday –

Tuna pasta bake – We haven’t had this in a while so looking forward to it.

Thursday –

Chilli con carne – Still have a little left in the freezer so plan to use this up.

Friday –

Sausage casserole – Easy but delicious.

Saturday –

Fish and chips – Again using up some breaded fish from the freezer.

Sunday –

Roast – Not sure what type of roast but something we pick up from shopping.

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Our weekly meal plan - 13/01/20



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