The Ordinary Moments #2 – Getting back into streaming

The Ordinary Moments #2 – Getting back into streaming

Good morning, wow where did that last week go?

It just seems like we blinked and the first full week back at work for 2020 whizzed past.

This week as it has been a little bit hectic getting back into routine and to be honest, by the time we hit the weekend, all we wanted to do was not a lot of anything! This weekend has included lazy mornings and Harry Potter films back to back.

The only other thing I have been working on recently is getting back into streaming. I am a gamer, I have been for many years now and last year I decided I was going to give streaming a go. For me it was never about the money or becoming the biggest streamer, it is about the community. Like with many things though, it requires consistency and perseverance, neither of which I have given it over the last 12 months.

Ordinary Moments - Streaming

Streaming is a little bit like blogging, so many people just assume you can start a stream or blog and they will be just like the big streamers/bloggers overnight. I’ve lost count the number of times people have said to me, I should start a blog so I can get free things. It doesn’t work like that, getting to the point I am now has taken me 8 years of hard work and thousands of hours.

It is the same as streaming, I don’t expect me to be getting thousands of followers over the coming months or for subs to be flying in. It takes time to build a rapport with viewers and build the community around it, however this year I am going to dedicate a little more time to it and accept it is what it is. It is going to grow over time and I accept that it will be slow going, at the same time I have to learn not to compare myself to others or get deflated when it is not going as quick as I think it should be.

If you are into gaming at all or just want to pop by and say hi when I am streaming you will find me over on Twitch here.

The Ordinary Moments

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