Our weekly meal plan – 17/09/18

Our weekly meal plan – 17/09/18

Welcome back to another meal plan! The weeks are flying by so quick this seems to be the main post I seem to be writing at the minute as I struggle to keep up.

Although last weeks meal plan didn’t quite go to plan, we didn’t blow the budget as we just had really lazy meals such as scrambled eggs on toast or something from the freezer. This week I am sticking with our favourite meals which we tend to use quite a bit as I have left it to the last minute to organise anything.

Plus the kids are now starting their afterschool clubs which means 3 nights this week we will be home later!

I seem to be lacking time and inspiration when it comes to meals of late and really needs to start looking around for ideas on what we can have as a family. Even if we just change out one meal a week it would give us a greater choice on dinners each week.

For now, though, this is what we are cooking this week:

Monday –

Freezer food – It’s a late dinner tonight due to swimming so something quick.

Tuesday –

Tuna pasta bake – My easy and quick go to from the cupboard.

Wednesday –

Chicken supreme – This was yummy last time we had it and pretty easy to make.

Thursday –

Fishcakes – Simple but tasty.

Friday –

Spaghetti and meatballs – Again another easy crowd pleaser.

Saturday –

Homemade pizza and doughballs – It’s been a while since we made our own pizza’s and it is the weekend so why not.

Sunday –

Roast – As usual this will all be dependant on what is on offer when I do my shopping.

Not a very inspiring meal plan tonight, I really need to look into some tastier dishes. What is your favourite meal? I’d love for you to share a comment below for some inspiration.

You can find our other meal plans here if you are looking for some other inspiration.

Our weekly meal plan 17th September 2018

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