Thinking to the future with our home

Thinking to the future with our home

Our home is more than just the bricks it is built with, it is a place where we brought our babies home, a place we came home to as Mr & Mrs and so much more. However, we are not sure that it may be ours forever home.

Over the years we have done lots of work to it including our astroturf in the garden, new windows and a new bathroom. Not to mention decorating throughout over the years.

However as the kids get older and we get wiser, the call to move to a slower life is getting more appealing.

The call to move somewhere a bit quieter has been getting louder over the last few years and we are looking to maybe move north into Scotland. We would like to have a bit more space not only inside our home but outside too.

Where we live now, space is tight and it is getting worse around us too. Flats and homes are popping up on every little green space and the open space is getting smaller by the minute.

That coupled with the fact of more people brings more cars, it all just feels a little congested for us now. We want to be able to get up in the morning and take the kids and dogs out for a nice walk in the countryside (or by the beach). We would love to be able to just pop locally to some shops and pick up fresh produce for our dinners that week.

For our home, I would love a bit more space and a bit more opened planned. I imagine a kitchen we can all sit around and chat as dinner is cooking, maybe even our dining room in a conservatory overlooking the countryside. Rooms with a bit more space and amazing views all around would be the dream.

I would just like a home that feels like a retreat to go back to, somewhere we can enjoy being and having our family around us. A place for us all to grow that little bit older in a relaxing way!

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