Our weekly meal plan – 18/03/19

Our weekly meal plan – 18/03/19

Welcome back to our latest meal plan after a short break last week.

This week’s meal plan we are going to be using up some of the ingredients in our freezer so we can do a restock at the end of the month. With a fussy eater though I am going to try and stick to popular meals (adjusting a few to deal with the fussy eater!).

Over the coming months, I plan to blog more of our family recipes too so look out for those coming up. For now, though here is our meal plan for this week.

Our meal plan –  04/03/19:

Monday –

Beef Rogan – I am at work so will pop this in the slow cooker so it is really soft by the time we come to eat it.

Tuesday –

Haddock, potatoes and green beans – We are reviewing a new steamer so everything will be going in that!

Wednesday –

Firecracker chicken, homemade flatbread and salad – I found this chicken recipe online and we never tried it last week so it’s back on the menu.

Thursday –

Mini toad in the holes – Easy and a firm favourite so a winner for me.

Friday –

Takeaway – We have friends over so it is a lazy meal today.

Saturday –

Burger and chips – Still got a few burgers left to use up in the freezer.

Sunday –

Roast or stew – As per usual

If you are still after a little inspiration for your meals this week why not check out our weekly meal plans here or even our Pinterest boards which have lots of great ideas for meals.

Our weekly meal plan - 17th March 2019


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