Our weekly meal plan – 20/01/20

Our weekly meal plan – 20/01/20

-Good evening and welcome back to another meal plan, all be it slightly delayed!

Last weeks meal plan was pretty much on plan again. I’m pleased we are sticking to it a little better.

Over the last few weeks, we have been ordering from Tesco and getting it delivered however it is a little frustrating when things arrive with a short life or just a little limp so I am thinking of going back to shopping at our local Asda again over the weekend.

We are going to give a new meal a try this week from the original Pinch of Nom book. I know the recipe is highly rated so I look forward to giving it a go, for now though, here is what we are cooking this week.

Our meal plan – 20/01/20

Monday –

Chicken burgers and chips – I know we had this last week but we have it again!

Tuesday –

Stir fry – Using up some yellow sticker pork and some veg out of the fridge.

Wednesday –

Pizza – It’s all about balancing the meals the kids will eat, whilst trying out new ones!

Thursday –

Bacon and potato bake – This is the Pinch of Nom recipe.

Friday –

Freezer food – I’m not sure what we will have but we have lots of bits to still work through in our freezer.

Saturday –

Pasta and meatballs – Delicious and I might even get some garlic bread to go with it!

Sunday –

Roast/stew – Again this will be dependant on what I can get whilst shopping.

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Our weekly meal plan - 20th January 2020


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