The Ordinary Moments #3 – Smart Star

The Ordinary Moments #3 – Smart Star

This week Ethan was awarded the star of the week award for his class. It’s not the first time he has had this award in junior school, however this time it has a huge significance on the aims Ethan has for this year.

The Ordinary Moments #3 - Smart Star

At his parent’s evening, we had a discussion with his teacher regarding how he was doing. Not surprisingly, Ethan is doing absolutely fine, which is what we expected. However, for this year in school, he needs to focus on getting his handwriting neater. When he tries, Ethan’s handwriting is lovely, he just has this habit of being a hurry to do things. Following on from that parent’s evening we discussed with Ethan what his focus was going to be this year.

With him being in year 5, it is only going to start getting a little tougher. He is a bright boy, so his sole focus this year is his handwriting. He needs to get it neater and joined up to get to where he needs to be, the frustrating thing as a parent, is not he can’t do it but he chooses not to do it so often! Over the last few weeks, though he has put in so much effort to make sure he does do it, I couldn’t be prouder 🙂

The Ordinary Moments

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