Our weekly meal plan – 20/05/19

Our weekly meal plan – 20/05/19

Welcome back to our latest meal plan, a bit later than usual!

Last week’s meal plan wasn’t perfect but we did have some delicious dinners. We really enjoyed the Tuna Pasta Bake recipe from this Pinch of Nom book. The kids were not too keen however we really enjoyed it. We did try out one of their meals again today which was delicious and even the fussy eaters cleared their plates.

This week I have asked the kids for their suggestions with meals, I just want to go into meal times without a battle this week. I have a pretty busy week at work before we break up for the week, so, the easier the week is the better.

Our meal plan –  20/05/19:

Monday –

Chicken dippers and french fries – I am trying to cook more from scratch, not as it is any cheaper, simply so I can see exactly what we are eating. These chicken dippers are from the Pinch Of Nom book and were delicious!

Tuesday –

Chilli con Carne- We have some left over from last week’s batch cooking so I am looking forward to a quick dinner.

Wednesday –

Steamed cod & new potatoes – Simple but tasty.

Thursday –

Pasta – Likely to be made with a sauce of leftover veg.

Friday –

Pork chops & potatoes – I picked up a pack of pork chops in the reduced fridge last week so this is a cheap and tasty dinner.

Saturday –

Homemade pizza & doughballs – I still never got round to making these last week. Third time lucky I’m hoping!

Sunday –

Roast dinner – This will be dependent on what I order from shopping this week.

This week doesn’t really bring many new dishes to the menu but it is packed with meals that I know will cause minimum effort and stress which is just what I need. If you are looking for a bit more inspiration, why not check out our meal plans from previous weeks here.

Our weekly meal plan - 20th May 2019


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