Starting plans for our dream garden

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Over the last few weeks, I have been spending far too much time on Rightmove looking at houses in our area. The reality is we could really do with more space but with rising costs around us, it is just not practical to move. So, we will be moving forward with our plans on our home over the summer to re-jig the inside. Then next year we are going to be tackling our garden.

One thing that I would really like is a space in our garden that is usable. Now don’t get me wrong I am very grateful for the space we do have, having the astroturf put down in 2012 was the best investment we did for our home to date. We have been able to use the space outside so much since we had it installed, it made a huge difference to us.

Although it created some space for us though, we still have this to tackle:

Starting plans for our dream garden

Since this picture was taken there has been some developments…. of weeds.

Well, we have also had the back and right fence replaced with feather edging to give it a bit more privacy. Other than that, it has become a bit of a wildlife garden for us really, most of it has been left untouched.

What is really frustrating to me is the amount of space it would give us if we could get it sorted, however, it is a big project to take on. Our long term plans for next summer will be to work through the middle section of this part of the garden and place a retaining wall. Then we could give ourselves 2 sections, 1 for the kids to put their trampoline and enjoy that in the garden a bit more and the other section would become a place to sit and relax with a BBQ!

I would also like to get some raised beds in next year so we can grow a few vegetables and fruits, I won’t lie though, I am not very green fingered so it will be easy to grow veg for us! Garden Tool Box has some great articles to get us started as well as the best tools to use for the job.

Once it is done though it will be a great place for us to be able to enjoy, the views might not be over the countryside or even overlooking the sea however we do get a pretty spectacular view of the fireworks in November from here. As well as being able to star spot from our garden as it is pretty dark in the evenings away from all the street lights.

Starting plans for our dream garden

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