Our weekly meal plan -27/01/20

Our weekly meal plan -27/01/20

Good morning and welcome back to our last meal plan of January, where has this month gone already?

This month has been a bit of a strange one, however, it does now feel like we are back into a rhythm, now we just need to get going again as I am so far behind on so many things.

We are still doing well when it comes to our meals though, just one day recently that we have had an unplanned takeaway. Other than that, we have stuck to the meal plan and carried on clearing out some old bits and pieces from the fridge and freezer.

It is more the same this week, I am just buying fresh things and things we have run out of rather than filling the cupboards and freezer back up. We are eating so much more fruit though and that is costing a small fortune, this week alone I have brought 7 bags of satsumas, 14 apples, 14 bananas and 2 punnets of grapes. I know it is good we are eating so much however it can become a little expensive!

The kids and I are heading to Costco in a few weeks to top up on meat and fish (plus other bits I’m sure we don’t need!) so in the meantime, we are using the last of the odd bits in the freezer. It’s surprising how many things I had forgotten we had ordered over the last few months.

Our meal plan – 27/01/20

Monday –

Fishfingers & chips – Easy meal for Monday.

Tuesday –

Sausage casserole & mash – Delicious!

Wednesday –

Tuna pasta bake – The kids like this so it is a winner.

Thursday –

Chicken supreme – It’s been a while since we had this so I am looking forward to it.

Friday –

Freezer food – Using up some of the odd bits in the freezer.

Saturday –

Pizza – Another family favourite, easy meal!

Sunday –

Roast/stew – Again this will be dependant on what I can get whilst shopping.

What is cooking at your house this week?

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Our weekly meal plan 27th January 2020


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