The Ordinary Moments #4 – The simple things

The Ordinary Moments #4 – The simple things

Sometimes after a busy week working and school, all we want to do is just spend time at home. This could be getting things done at home, other times it could be just us all chilling out and relaxing in our pj’s!

Just because we decide to have a lazy weekend, however, doesn’t mean we are not doing anything at all. This weekend we have been getting some bits sorted around the house and after promising the kids we will do some baking we finally got round to making some cookies. We use the same cookie recipe that is on the blog but just adjust the chocolate to whatever we can get our hands on, these had dime chocolate in!

The Ordinary Moments #4 - The simple things The Ordinary Moments #4 - The simple things

The kids love to bake and it is a great way for us to get in the kitchen and do something together. Over the years they have always loved to bake, now they are a little older they are pretty much able to do all the baking on their own. I am just there to supervise now! It is great to see how confident they both are in the kitchen. I have been teaching them how to use knives safely and use all the kitchen gadgets. Both of them can read and follow recipes and it is a great way to do some basic maths at the same time too.

I just want to make sure they both have a basic understanding in the kitchen so as they get older and eventually move to their own homes, they are confident in being able to cook themselves a healthy balanced meal.

For now, though, we are going to be sticking with the cakes and cookies I think!

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