Our weekly meal plan – 28/05/2018

Our weekly meal plan – 28/05/2018

Happy bank holiday Monday! I hope the weather has been kind to you this weekend. We have had a mixture of glorious sunshine and thunderstorms.

Our meal plan is a little late this week, simply due to the fact I’ve been away from the computer over the weekend enjoying 3 days off work! We have eaten probably our body weight in food and feel stuffed if I’m honest. I would even say we are probably looking forward to eating healthier again this week!

Here is what we are cooking this week:

Monday –

Freezer food – After a weekend of stuffing our face I’m going for an easy dinner option.

Tuesday –.

Chicken and chorizo risotto – Daddy Vs Work makes an amazing risotto which I will be sharing on the blog soon!

Wednesday –

Burger and chips – We have some melt in the middle burgers from Musclefood which we are going to try out.

Thursday –

Bacon, egg & sausages – Well not just this but probably mushrooms, tomatoes and beans to make the full English breakfast for our dinner.

Friday –

Southern fried coated chicken – I picked up a bargain yellow sticker pack of southern fried coated chicken which we will use up this week.

Saturday –

Steak and chips – This was amazing last week and can’t wait to have it again.

Sunday –

Slow cooker chicken and salad – Currently the weather is warm for the weekend so if it is we will have slow cooker chicken and salad, if not I’ll swap the salad out for a full roast.

Nothing really new on our menu this week however it is giving us a chance to use up the last of meats etc in the freezer before I place our next Musclefood order.

What is cooking in your house this week?

Don’t forget you can check out our other meal plans here on the site if you are looking for a but of inspiration.

Our weekly meal plan for the week 28/05/18

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