Plans to expand working from home

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Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking long and hard about the blog and me working from home.

I am extremely grateful for the ability to earn money alongside my job as it has been such a help over the years and currently it is helping out massively in paying for the work we are having done on the house.

I do however feel a bit like I am at a crossroads on the journey though. On the one hand, I don’t earn enough to work from home completely and on the other hand, I am working so many hours I feel like I am not getting a break. At some point I know I am going to be burning myself out.

Now I really need to look into more of where I would like to be in the coming months and years. Do I anticipate this becoming more of a full-time job or is it likely to be a hobby for the rest of my life?

If it is only going to be a hobby long term, then it may become a case that I have to step back and realise I can’t keep putting the hours in forever. It is not good for my health or anyone around when I get really grumpy!

The other side to it is though if I would like to make it a bit more of a long term plan I am going to have to get myself a business plan and invest a little bit more money and time to get it to where I would like it to be. I would love to be able to attend the events I get invited to, most of them are in London so I could look at Click Offices London guide and maybe work out of the city some of the months.

One thing I am sure of though, I can’t just bumble my way through the next few years. If I plan on this to become something more sustainable then I need to look at the best ways to invest time and money. I have already shared my journey with Tailwind and Pinterest recently on this post, that is one thing that has paid off with the investment.

However, was that fluke on my part or reward for the investment? I did also invest in Keysearch yesterday as I plan to build on my SEO and really take this site to the next level.

I think deep down, I know where I would like to take this blog. I suppose part of me is a little scared though, I have invested so much time and effort already I don’t want to fail if I do more. After all, when you pour your heart and soul into something the last thing you want to do is fail.

Regardless though of what I choose, I just know that that that choice needs to be made sooner or later for my own sanity!

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