How to Please Your Resident Baker: 5 Gift Ideas

The person could be anybody really, but for me, it was always my mother. The resident baker is the man/woman who is responsible for baking countless delicious cakes, brownies, cupcakes, pies, and more that you have enjoyed over the years. Now it’s time to give something back to him/her and to help you do that, we have prepared the following list of five gift ideas, which will please anyone who truly loves to bake.

The Marble Rolling Pin

If he/she doesn’t already have one, then this is an awesome gift, which will be loved for sure. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it is also very useful for a number of reasons. Thanks to it being made out of marble, the pin can be cooled in a freezer for catering to the needs of temperature-sensitive dough and it’s so much easier to flatten the dough with that heavy pin.

A Cookie Cutter Set

If you are on a budget, you just can’t go wrong with a cookie cutter set. They are cheap and yet most of them contain over 100 shapes for the baker to choose from. If you are tired of eating those star shaped cookies all the time, it’s time to introduce some variety to the décor of your desserts as well.

Good Baking Books

A good baker always loves new recipes and advanced tips, so you cannot go wrong with this one. Just make sure that he/she doesn’t already own a copy of the book that you are planning to gift because that would be awkward and useless! Suggestions include Bread, Cake, Doughnut, Pudding by Justin Gellatly, The Primrose Bakery Everyday by Martha Swift, and Mary Berry’s Baking Bible.

The Stand Mixer

He/she probably still uses the trusty old hand mixer and that’s great because there’s no substituting that little piece of equipment for special baking projects. However, a stand mixer can add speed and remove most of the physical stress from the baking process. It also makes much less mess so you can be pretty sure that it will be appreciated for a long time. A piece of warning though, these are expensive and the good ones even more so.

The Food Gift Hamper

This person has fed you countless desserts and cooked for you on multiple occasions, so why don’t you let him/her take a break from cooking for a change and surprise them with a food gift hamper of instead? Don’t worry – you won’t have to do any cooking either because you will find the best food gift hampers to buy in the UK at British Fine Foods. They have classy wine in most of their selections and something for every occasion; be it just a regular day or a special event.

Now that you finally have enough ideas to find the right gift for the baking expert in your life all that is left to do is choose one. The only piece of advice remaining is making sure that your gift isn’t something the recipient already has.

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