Popular ironmongery products for 2020

Popular ironmongery products for 2020

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So, you’ve jumped on the lockdown decorating bandwagon and haven’t really stopped… there is always something in your home that can be improved and you’ve got time in your hands to do something about it, so why not? Perhaps you kept working while others were furloughed and completely redecorated their houses and now that you’ve got some time off and you’re feeling like a home makeover is due. Either way, you’re set on changing up some bits in your home.

Popular ironmongery products for 2020

What better to change than ironmongery? The little details in your home that go unnoticed until they stop working – door handles, door hinges, etc. As Rita Konig, interior designer, mentions in this article on House and Garden, “Hardware is one of those details that often gets rushed right at the end of a project, but it is worth giving it some thought well in advance.”

If you’re thinking of giving your home an uplift by replacing ironmongery, I’ve put together some of the most popular ironmongery products for 2020, so you can have some inspiration!

Black door handles.

There is something magical about black door furniture, it’s elegant, bold and always beautiful. Ironmongery Experts stock black door handles and they are incredible! From matte black knurled lever handles to matte black cabinet handles, their black door handles are perfect for any door!

Textured cabinet handles.

It’s easy to overlook texture as being important but as this article on Luxdeco mentions, “Contrasting textures is one way to make certain aspects stand out more than others; texture is a way to create accents.” With this in mind, textured cabinet handles, such as these knurled cupboard knobs, will make your room more interesting and visually appealing.

Golden ironmongery. 

Ironmongery with golden hues screams elegance and luxury. Whether you prefer rose gold or polished brass products, adding some golden hues around your home will make it that bit more special! Look at these rose gold lever handles and brass cabinet handles.

Which ones are your favourite? 

This article was written by Carolina Neves, lead copywriter at Advertising Lab in Bishop’s Stortford.

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