Protecting Your Eyes When Using Computers

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Most of us work on computers, and our mobile phones almost all day. This can have a big impact on our vision. However, there are several ways that you can protect your eyes from the effects of constant computer and mobile phone usage.

Move the monitor so that it is level with your eyes. This will stop your craning your neck to see, or keeping your eyes in an upward fixed position.

Ensure the lighting in your office, or by your desk, is bright enough to stop your eyes straining. If the light is too bright, then consider using anti-glare screens.

Adjust your screen settings to have a large text size. This is great for writing or reading longer documents.

Ergonomic chair and desk are essential. This will ensure your body is in the right position to allow you to look at the screen, and type without straining or sitting in an uncomfortable position for hours.

Rest your eyes at least every 20 minutes from the screen. Use this time to walk away and get a glass of water. Look approximately 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This will mean you are using different eye muscles.

If you find your eyes are dry, then try blinking a few times, or keep eye drops close by to keep them moist.

Get an eye test, and see if you may need glasses. If you already wear glasses, you might need a change of prescription. It is an ideal time to learn more about vision insurance and how it can help you.

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