Benefits of artificial grass in your home

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If you are considering getting artificial grass installed in your home, let me share some of the benefits of artificial grass that we have found since we had ours installed 8 years ago.

The quality of grass has greatly improved since we had ours put down all those years ago, however, ours is still going strong. This show’s how much of an investment this is for your home. Now I know that not everyone is keen on artificial grass and it is a decision based on your needs.

For us, our garden wraps around our house which meant when it rained if we would have gone for real turf it would bring mud straight into our kitchen and living room every time the dogs came into the house. The space we have also does not really lend itself well for real grass at all.

Benefits of artificial grass in your home

Before we had the artificial grass put in, our house had some sort of crazy paving all the way around it. Which when we brought the house was absolutely fine, however, when 2 small people came along it didn’t really work well for us as a family. Here are the benefits we have found with our grass over the years:

  • It is hard-wearing – We’ve had water fights, dogs running around, football games and all sorts on our grass yet it still comes up as good as new even all these years later.
  • You can hoover it – OK this one may sound a bit strange however bear with me on this. Our neighbours have a tree that throws little pin needles all year round, these are a pain when they are on the grass however we have an old hoover that simply hoovers them all back up making the grass look like new!
  • You can wash it down – In our house, we have 2 dogs that use the area as a toilet. Firstly, it rinses off through the grass like natural grass, however, we are able to spray down the grass and wash it too to keep it smelling fresh.
  • It is lovely underfoot – Even now, it is comfortable to walk outside without any shoes on. The grass is comfortable under your feet, though be warned in hot weather, it is very hot to walk on.

Without a doubt, if we ever moved home I would seriously consider investing in getting artificial grass put back in as it just adds so much to our garden and works better for us. The benefits of artificial grass are worth the investment in my eyes.

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