Redocrating a joint bedroom

Kayleigh and Ethan’s bedroom has remained the same since we turned it into the nursery, mainly because it is very neutral and it isn’t too babyish. We went for tones of cream and chocolate and matched it in with the I Love My Bear range.

However with them both starting to grow up, now we are starting to think about redecorating their room.

The plan is in the next few years that we will be able to extend the house and give each of them their own room but for now we need to come up with something that is suitable for both of them.

I am currently thinking of maybe something along the lines of an underwater theme or maybe even something to do with animals like a forest theme as they both love these things.

The one thing I do however do (I know it is out of the theme) is let them have their own bedding design.

I love the designs of gingham bedding as I think it gives them a little bit of colour that’s not too overwhelming.


Of course though the kids tend to go with their favourite characters at the time!

Storage is also another key point as you can imagine with 2 children in one room taking up lots of space!

We have some handy storage from Ikea with plastic boxes which makes life a lot easier to hide all their toys in.

So watch this space over the next few months as hopefully we will have updated their bedroom.

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