The Ordinary moments – Love for the beautiful game

It’s no big secret that we are football fans in our house, I’ve posted several times about my team Luton Town and also reviewed a trip to Old Trafford for Daddy Vs Work’s 30th birthday

So I shouldn’t really be surprised that Ethan love’s football, so much so that at 8.30 yesterday morning he asked Daddy to go play football in the garden! For his birthday he has requested a pair of football boots and football kit!

Now the weather has got nicer and the evenings have got lighter it means we are able to go with Daddy to his football training (he help’s coach an under 10’s team) on a Thursday and the kids can run off some of their energy and we can all get some fresh air.

Ethan takes this as his chance to take a ball and spend an hour kicking it about.

This is just one of those ordinary moments, ones that probably don’t mean much to anyone else but one where we can see Ethan’s passion for something really coming out and its great to be able to watch him do something that he love’s to do.

I can just imagine him when he starts school as one of the boys who always as a ball under his arm ready for the lunchtime kickabout! Outdoors

I think Ethan has a little growing to do!
I think Ethan has a little growing to do!


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