*Review* AQUA Carpatica water

Water is the number one drink in this household, with the kids preferring to drink that over anything else.

We were sent a selection of different bottles of AQUA Carpatica to try out recently and see if we could notice the difference in this compared to tap water.

AQUA Carpatica is advertised as nature’s most perfect mineral water.  It is naturally Nitrate free and has a low Sodium level and mineral content. It also naturally contains electrolytes and minerals, including Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.

Their water comes from two untouched springs deep within the pristine and beautiful Carpathian Mountains. The surrounding areas have no agriculture or industrial activities protecting the water from chemicals and other fertilizers.

*Review* AQUA Carpatica water
Every litre of Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water provides Potassium, nearly 24 per cent of an adult’s recommended daily requirement of Calcium and 16 per cent of Magnesium. AQUA Carpatica’s Still Natural Mineral Water contains natural electrolytes and has a low content of minerals with an alkaline pH level of 7.8[3].

You can purchase AQUA Carpatica at Ocado, Amazon, Harrods, Whole Foods Market, As Nature Intended and over 300 independent outlets throughout the UK with the RRP prices as follows:

  •  RRP 0.65p for 500ml Still Natural Mineral Water
  •  RRP 0.69p for 500ml Naturally Sparkling Natural Mineral Water
  •  RRP £0.79 for 1 litre and £0.99 for 1.5 litre Still Natural Mineral Water
  •  RRP £1.09 for 1.5 litre Naturally Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

Now I know you are probably thinking that water tastes like water?! However, if you live in a hard water area like we do, you notice the difference between tap water and bottled water. With this water, you can notice a huge difference in taste, this water is really crisp in flavour and very refreshing when you have it from chilled.

I also received some nitrate testing kits to prove how low the nitrate levels are. The glass in the left is AQUA Carpatica and the glass on the right is my tap water. As you can see the AQUA Carpatica had such low levels of nitrate that the test stick didn’t even change colour!

AQUA Carpatica water
This water is a huge improvement on what we have had from our tap water and has been a huge hit with the whole family. With the added bonus of the low sodium, nitrate-free and the other great minerals, this does make this a must-have in our household.



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