Our weekly meal plan – 04/09/17

It’s Monday and that only means one thing, time for another weekly meal plan.

Today is the kids first day back at school so as we are all going to be adjusting to the new school routine again I thought I would stick with easy meals in the evening. This will give us time to catch up on their day at school without the rush of cooking.

So what is on our meal plan this week?

Monday –

Pancakes – First day back for the kids so I’m planning on doing their favourite for dinner today.

Tuesday –

Chicken chow mein – I found this recipe on the BBC food recipe and it sounded nice so I thought we could give it a go!

Wednesday –

Cod and new potatoes – Simple but delicious.

Thursday –

Chilli con carne – Not had this in a while so thought we’d have it again! Plus side to this dish is we can freeze the left overs we always have.

Friday –

Simple sausage casserole – This recipe is from the Tesco Food site, again never tried it but thought we would give it a go.

Saturday –

Lazy dinner – We still have leftovers and lazy bits left in the freezer so a day to use them up!

Sunday –

Slow cooker chicken – Yummy dinner but great leftovers for salad over the next few days!

Nice, simple, homemade food! What is on your menu this week?

Our weekly meal plan 04 09

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