*Review* Cluedo Junior

The whole of our household is board game fans and we love finding a new games that the whole family can enjoy.

Recently Kayleigh and Ethan received Cluedo Junior to try out and give their opinion on. Now everyone knows Cluedo, you could even go as far as saying it is up there as a classic game that everyone knows.

So being able to introduce the kids into the junior version has been great fun.

Cluedo Junior

Like the original game, Cluedo Junior is a “whodunit” it game where the players have to identify who ate the cake! (not me this time!).

Moving from room to room in search of clues the game is very similar to the original but easier to follow and understand for the younger members of the family.

Cluedo JuniorCluedo Junior
The whole game is very easy to set up and play, with both Kayleigh and Ethan able to follow the game play with very little help from us. The age range is 5+ and I feel this is probably the best age for this game, any younger and it may be a bit more difficult for them to work out who it was on their own.

Cluedo Junior

This game has become a firm favourite in our house and with a RRP of just £16.99 it’s a great price for a family fun filled night! Currently your can pick this up from Smyths for just £13.99.


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