Our weekly meal plan – 06/03/17

Another week, another meal plan!

We’ve got a really busy week this week, so our meals will be quick to prepare and make as I just do not have the time to make them.

Monday –

Pasta with spinach – Swimming night so this is nice and easy to do (we’ll ignore the fact I still haven’t blogged this yet!)

Tuesday –

Cod & potatoes – We’ve got appointments after work today so the kids are eating at Nanny’s and we will have cod and fish as its nice and easy.

Wednesday –

Chicken fajita – Still yet to make these so this is the challenge for the day! I’m sure they will taste even better made from scratch.

Thursday –

Burger and chips – Easy for everyone and super quick. I’ll have burger just no bun to avoid the yeast.

Friday –

Chicken kievs – I’m going to try and make home made kievs without the breadcrumb crust.

Saturday –

Honey and mustard chicken – Not sure if this is what we are definitely having yet but its on the list for now!

Sunday –

Slow cooker roast chicken – Depending on the mood it may be with roast potatoes & veg, if not it will be with rice and salad!

So that is what’s cooking in our house this week, what do you have planned for the week?

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