*Review* Roblox Series 5 toys

We have kindly been gifted these Roblox toys for the review, however, all thoughts are our own.

Roblox is probably the most known game among children these days, if you child has access to a tablet or pc the likelyhood is they have played it at some point.

Both Kayleigh and Ethan are huge fans of it and have a small circle of friends that they play it with regularly, for both the fun and social aspect of it. I know it has been in the press a lot lately with regards to safety, but like any game, as long as you are aware of the online aspects and put in boundries in place (I make sure our two do not accept friends requests without knowing who they are and their chat is spot checked regularly for example) it can be a fun game for them to play.

*Review* Roblox Series 5 toys

As with any big franchise, there is always lots of accesories and toys to go with it and Roblox is no different. Kayleigh and Ethan were both gifted a bundle of the new season 5 toys to try out, they received:

  • Jailbreak: Great Escape
  • Night of the Werewol
  • Core Pack – Tohru: The Phantom Claw
  • 2x Mystery Boxes

With all of these sets you are able to mix them up to create whatever story line you like and Kayleigh and Ethan spent hours at the dining room table creating their own stories from the characters they got.

The Jailbreak: Great Escape set came with everything they needed to playout their own Jailbreak at home rather than on Roblox! The set contains the police and prison guard plus the convicts trying to escape and various ways they are tring to escape including a glider and quad bike! This set has probably been the most popular as the kids have enjoyed making their own stories from this, after both playing the online game.

*Review* Roblox Series 5 toys

The other sets contained mostly characters, each one has its own story direct from Roblox itself. For Roblox fans it is easy to get the link to the characters and therefore my two loved putting their favourite characters into their own games and stories. Each character is well built and the details are like that in the game itself. In the mystery boxes you get a character and any relevant accesories, with 24 different characters to collect these become the perfect pocket money toy for fans of the game.

*Review* Roblox Series 5 toys *Review* Roblox Series 5 toys *Review* Roblox Series 5 toys

With each set you also receive a use once scratch off code which can be redemmed on the Roblox game, giving you access to exclusive accesories. All in all these toys have been very popular with 2 Roblox fans and I can see us adding to the collection soon! You can find more of these great Roblox toys at major toy retailers such as Smyths.

Review of Roblox Series 5 Toys

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