*Review* Sizzling Pubs, Wigmore Arms

*Review* Sizzling Pubs, Wigmore Arms

For the purpose of this review, we were gifted with a voucher to try their menu however this has no influence on the review or our thoughts

We were recently invited to head to our local Sizzling Pub, Wigmore Arms in Luton to try out their new menu following a recent renovation.

Now let me start this review by saying we had never been in the pub before it renovation or after, even though we live pretty close to it and I’ve driven past it countless times. I had always assumed that it was a pub not somewhere you can go for a meal.

Firstly, I was wrong, it isn’t just a pub, it is a family friendly pub with a dining area. This makes it welcoming for the whole family.

On arrival, you order you can get yourself a table and then when you have made your selection you head up to the bar to a till to place your order. Whilst placing our order we were advised there would be a 30-45 minute wait for food. It was a busy Sunday afternoon so we got a drink and made ourselves comfortable whilst we waited.

*Review* Sizzling Pubs, Wigmore Arms *Review* Sizzling Pubs, Wigmore Arms

They did offer the kids colouring whilst we waited and to be fair, it didn’t seem too long for our order. The only thing to consider regarding this is the parking out the front of the pub is currently only 2 hours free so I can imagine if you are going as a larger group at a busy time it may be worth parking in the Asda car park which I believe is a 3 hour parking allowance (just check this as it may change!).

The menu’s offered a wide range of food and drinks, with something to suit everyone. We decided to skip the starters and go straight to mains and then treat ourselves to puddings, the kids did the same. For me I thought there was a great selection for kids to choose from, it wasn’t your usual with everything being served with chips.

Our meals arrived sooner than expected and I was really impressed, it was hot, tasty and very filling! We all cleared out the plate and the kids demolished theirs too, which is always a sign of a good meal. I chose to have the hunters chicken to try something new and that was delicious. *Review* Sizzling Pubs, Wigmore Arms *Review* Sizzling Pubs, Wigmore Arms

The puddings which we had ordered at the same time as our mains arrived about 15 minutes later and they also were delicious, we were so stuffed from our mains that Daddy Vs Work and I struggled to finish ours, the kids however cleared their plates. Ethan declared his pudding the best he has ever eaten, so that must have been good for Mr Fussy himself to have said that!

*Review* Sizzling Pubs, Wigmore Arms *Review* Sizzling Pubs, Wigmore Arms *Review* Sizzling Pubs, Wigmore Arms

We had a lovely meal in there and to be fair it was reasonably priced. For us to all have a main, pudding and drink, it came in at under £50 and we all went home stuffed ready to relax for the rest of the afternoon.

I would highly recommend heading there to sample the food yourself if you are in the area, we really enjoyed ours. You can see more of the menu here plus look for a restaurant closer to you too.

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