Saving money on your everyday shopping

If you are like me, you look for a bargain on every purchase you make.

Whether it be through a discount code or offer in store but there are other ways you can save money and get money back and that is through the concept of cash-back.

I’ve been signed up to several cash-back sites for years but have never used a cash-back app until I was just introduced to Shopitize.

Shopitize is an app which you simply download to your smart phone before you head out on your weekly shop.  Once on the app you can add offers to your basket (some times you can unlock offers simply by answering a question such as what offers would you like to see more off) and then off you head shopping.

Once home simply take a picture of your receipt through the app then scan the barcode of the item and wait for your cash-back to be confirmed and paid back into your paypal or bank account.

Think of it this way, downloading the app takes seconds. Then no more than 5 minutes doing your shopping basket for the week but you could earn a few pound a week.

For your example 52 weeks at £3 a week earns your £156 cash-back a year for nothing but going about your normal shop.

I’ve downloaded the app ready to go for my trip to the supermarket this week and added just things I would normally buy and my cash-back for this one purchase alone if I buy it all is £5.65, simply for doing my shop.


I’m going to do my shopping on Friday and give the app a test run so if you have any questions before or after just ask. I look forward to seeing if I can put a little bit of money away for our wedding each week that  I maybe wouldn’t have normally been able to do.

If you like dogs & saving money the new Shopitize video will make you go aww

This is a sponsored post however I have installed the app and will be giving it a try this week!

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