The importance of support when you become a parent.

Becoming a parent is the most exciting, nerve racking, scary, enjoyable times all rolled into one.

However it can be a tough challenge and one that everyone needs a little bit of support, whether it be from your partner, family members, friends or other mums to be.

It’s not just their help in day to day tasks whilst you adapt, it’s also their emotional support that you may lean on.

Daddy Vs Work was huge support to me throughout both pregnancies, labour, caesarean and having 2 small children. He was someone I could lean on when I was down, let me rant and whine if something wasn’t going as I planned and also picked me up when I was down.

It hasn’t always been an easy road but Daddy Vs Work has been by my side throughout and we’ve managed to raise two incredible children.

Cow and Gate are about to launch a new feature on their site, the C&G Baby Club Friend Finder.

It’s a place where you can meet other mums online just for a chat or if they are local maybe even meet up in a neutral place for a coffee or a soft play morning.

Before you say meeting friends online isn’t for you, you have to give it a try. I joined several baby forums whilst I was pregnant and it was lovely speaking to those other mums through my pains, concerns or just general pregnancy chat. It made me feel like I wasn’t going crazy whilst waiting to meet our little one.

Some of the ladies I meet whilst pregnant with Kayleigh I still talk to, 6 years on and it’s so surreal to talk about school homework compared to labour signs and wind!

So if you’ve just found out your pregnant or have got a little one and want to chat to like minded people why not give the friend finder a try.

As a thank you for all his hard work Daddy Vs Work received a voucher for Wayland games for his new hobby, more on that in another post!

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