Should we stay or should we go?

I love our house, it is more than just a house, it is our home.

But does there become a point where moving house is more of an option that working with the space you currently have?

I’ve played through the lists of for and against moving so many times and I don’t think the decision has gotten any easier.

Benefits of staying:

  • The location is ideal, I am 10 minutes walk from work. The kids school and high school is 10-15 minutes either way from our house.
  • We are away from the main road, positioned up on a hill means we hardly have any problems with noise or anything outside.
  • It’s been our home for 11 years, we’ve stayed for a long time for a reason, it makes us happy.
  • Location wise we are 10-15 minutes from the major things such as the M1, Airport, supermarkets etc. Plus, there is a little park the kids can burn off steam about 5 minutes’ walk away.

Reasons to consider moving:

  • We need more space, currently we are just a 2 bedroom and moving would give us the space we need.
  • Our garden needs a lot of work doing to it.
  • We park on the road and it can be a bit of a nightmare when there are some inconsiderate parkers around…

Things putting me off moving:

  • House prices – they have rocketed around here. In fact, we are pretty much priced out of upgrading our home in our current area that is how quick they have shot up.
  • Costs involved in moving – Things such as estate agent fees, removal companies’ fees and stamp duties are all things that put me off looking to move. I know we are lucky being based out of London as the costs there are even higher, if you are looking for removals London for example they are sometimes double the price of our location. I sometimes think maybe it is cheaper to stay put and do the work rather than moving.
  • I actually like where we live, I don’t think I would want to move out of the area unless we were relocating to Scotland!

Even writing this down doesn’t make it easier which makes me think we are not in a position to move just yet. If it is going to happen, it will when it is the right time.

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