Looking to save money around the home

With the cost of living rising and many of our salaries not rising in line with this, many families are starting to feel the pinch on the pocket.

We are the same, there is lots we need to get done around the home but at the same time with the costs rising we are having to look at where we can save money and make money extra money at the same time!

Other than our mortgage and council tax we have a few things that are quite expensive on a monthly basis.

First up is our food bill, I did well to get it down and then we started spending more than planned, just a little each week but that has soon started to increase. In the coming months I am going to work hard on getting that back down and under control.

Our gas and electric are also expensive, this is not due to the tariff we are on as I have changed supplier to a cheaper tariff but more to do with the rising costs and our usage. This is down to a couple of factors, the first one is our central heating. The current boiler we have has been in the house as long as we have, and we have no idea how long it was in there before that.

Although it works, I doubt it is the most energy efficient boiler on the market and we would probably benefit from having a look at new central heating systems for our house.

But where do you start? With so many companies out there promoting their central heating boilers and deals, who do you start and what sort of prices would you be looking to pay? If you’ve recently had a new boiler fitted, I would love to hear your experiences.

Another thing we need to work on is our electricity usage, I am going to admit we are lazy when it comes to certain things such as using the tumble dryer for washing. With the dry weather here, I am going to try and get two loads on the line in the morning before I head to work to give it time to dry during the day. This should save us a little electricity usage.

We would consider having solar panels put in, I just don’t think it is something we could afford at the moment.

What area of your household budget do you look to save in and how?

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