Should You Choose An Agency Or In-House Role?

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Should You Choose An Agency Or In-House Role?

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If you’re thinking of a career in marketing or communications, then you will need to make the decision as to whether you work in-house or on the agency side of things. While there are a lot of similarities in terms of what you need to know about marketing, there can be many differences between the two types of roles and you need to think carefully about which you’re best suited to. 


There are many types of marketing agencies out there. Some specialise in digital, others in PR and some are a full retail design service agency which can provide all the services required. Some of the pros of deciding to work in an agency include: 


If you enjoy working with types of clients and running multiple projects at the same time, then agency work is ideal for you. You’ll never get bored as a new project or client is just around the corner. 

The support of a team

In-house marketers, especially at smaller businesses, can often feel isolated from other marketing professionals. In an agency, you’re surrounded by people with the same skills as you, which can help you be inspired and supported. 

Never a slow day

Agency life is fast-paced. There’s always another deadline on the horizon or a last-minute request from a client. Add to this the new client pitches and business development and you’ll definitely be kept busy. 

Downsides to working in an agency

Not everyone would feel comfortable working for an agency. The fast pace and constant deadlines and pressure from clients can be difficult for some people to deal with. Some clients can be difficult to deal with. 

Constantly jumping from project to project doesn’t suit those who prefer to be involved in something in a more detailed way. 


In this type of role, you’ll be working within one company either alone or as part of a small team. 

You are aiming towards a common goal

Your job is to help your company achieve its goals. All of your time and resources are focused on this task rather than having to split your time between clients. You don’t have to drop projects because a more important or higher-paying client comes along. 

You can become a specialist 

You can build up your knowledge of a particular sector and your profile within it.

More control

In general, you will have greater control over the scope of your work and the strategy you’re following. You may even be managing agencies yourself. 

Downsides of working in-house

Many in-house marketers feel isolated in their roles, especially if the business they work in doesn’t have a particular appreciation of the marketing process. If you’re the type of person that thrives on variety and fast pace then you might get frustrated in an in-house role. 

Key points

Some marketers spend their entire careers working in the same type of role, others jump between the two depending on opportunities within their career and life circumstances. Some people are definitely more suited to one or the other.