5 Ways to Boost Your Career Prospects

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Are you stuck in a rut? Struggling to start your career after graduating? If so, you won’t be alone – in the UK, job satisfaction rates have been on the decline since 2016.

So you might not be working your dream job right now, but that’s okay. Your career is something that you’re continually working on. Even if you don’t know it!

Here are just five ways that you can boost your career prospects in order to get your goals off the ground.

  • Develop Your Soft Skills

Soft skills are often neglected in our search for self-improvement. They encompass a whole range of valuable skills from communication to time management.

If you can improve these, it will increase your employability in subtle but effective ways.

  • Higher Qualifications

There are some employers out there that will tell you that you’re overqualified for a role. That’s their loss.

Boosting your qualifications is a great way to level up your career game. Regardless of your industry, there’s always room for improvement. Perhaps you work in the healthcare sector? If so, consider a Healthcare Management MSc. When you choose to study with an online institution, such as Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning, you’ll be able to learn while you work with a flexibility to suit your schedule!

  • Online Presence

Maintaining your online presence is important, particularly when applying for new jobs. Preen your posts for anything that might count against you to a potential employer.

Update your privacy settings if you don’t want recruiters to have access to your content, and if you want to keep your profiles public, then make sure nothing on your social media platforms will act as a deterrent.

  • Learn a Language

Having a second language is an excellent way to make you a more desirable employee and is great for your own general self-improvement – it’s nice to feel like you’ve accomplished something difficult, and with languages, you never really stop learning!

If you need to brush up your rusty skills, or are simply starting from scratch, services such as Rosetta Stone are a great way to learn!

  • Networking

Networking isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. It involves a lot of being social and open ­– if that doesn’t come naturally to you, networking may just be your worst nightmare.

A tip for all the introverts out there? Fake it ‘til you make it. Pretend as though you’re an open and social person.

Get to know people in your industry and make connections – you never know when they might be useful, whether for a future career move or simply to gain insights and advice on your current role.

Sites such as LinkedIn can be a great resource for finding others in your field!

Increasing your career prospects can seem like a challenging task to undertake, but it needn’t be as hard as it seems!

Do you have any tips for growing your career? Share them in the comments below!

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