Spring crafting with Baker Ross

We love getting a bundle of goodies from Baker Ross and Kayleigh and Ethan can’t wait to get started on them (all!).

Now if you are thinking, I’m not really a creative person when it comes to arts and crafts or you’ve had numerous Pinterest failures then Baker Ross crafts are perfect for you.

Each item has simple instructions to follow and most of them are prepped for you, pre-cut and most of them have a sticky back for you and your little ones just to attach in the right place.

Baker  Ross Baker Ross

Over on the Baker Ross site you can find a wide range of crafting ideas as well as little fillers for party bags and crafting material.

My favourite items on there however are the sets like the ones above, the kind that only require minimal crafting skill so I can multitask the two children at once!

We spent this morning on some of our crafts shown above.┬áStarting with the Mother’s Day crafts making the windchimes and the handprint decoration kits.

Both Kayleigh and Ethan loved doing these crafts, the windchimes were already made they just needed to colour them in, for these we used our glass pens we have but I think you’d get away with using felt tip pens if you allow them to dry ok. With the handprint decorations you just simply draw around their hand and once this is cut out everything else is prepared for you to stick on with its stick backs. We added the calendars to these to add a little additional look.

Baker Ross

Baker Ross

We had fun with the Easter crafts too. Both again were really simple and fun to make. The only thing that was a little tricky was our Easter Bunny Houses as assembling them required a bit of patience but once they had been built it was all out decorating fun.

Baker Ross Baker Ross Baker Ross

Kayleigh and Ethan have loved crafting this weekend and it has most certainly helped the cabin fever from the pox!

If your looking to do some crafting in the coming weeks and Easter half term, why not head over to Baker Ross for some supplies and inspiration!

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