Summer Clothing, its about time!

The last few weeks have seen the return of the summer and the bad mummy I am, I wasn’t prepared!

I tend to buy most of the clothes at the beginning of the season then just top up as we go. Normally though I just tend to stick to the supermarket brands as my 2 are known for staining or ruining their new clothes so I refuse to pay lots of money for them! However with the weather being as poor as it has been I hadn’t even thought of getting some summer clothes, instead I ended up panic buying when our mini heat wave hit!

Then this got me thinking, I can’t remember the last time myself and my other half brought new clothes. We have brought a few bits here and there but I’m pretty certain that since Kayleigh and Ethan has come along we haven’t brought that many new clothes!

With the summer warming up I think we may need to be looking into getting a few new bits for our wardrobe! I certainly need some new footwear as I don’t think trainers or Rocket Dog boots are going to cut it in this heat. Then if I got that I’d need a new handbag too & I’ve already been having a look around the Radley site!

Poor daddy gets the raw end of the deal all the time and is always the last one to get new things, so maybe I need to treat him to something new on father’s day.

It is funny though when you have kids your priorities change, I’d more than happily walk around scruffy if it meant the kids could get the new clothes they need. Are you a style follower or do you just make the best of what you have?

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